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The spirit of motorcycling; we as motorcyclist’s can only begin to describe the feeling it gives , in fact it’s very hard to put into words. Many times we have been in a social situation, speaking with one or more people, whom have never experienced riding a motorcycle they just don’t understand. They use words like dangerous and reckless where we use the words exhilaration and freedom, we as motorcyclists speak the same language others do not.

I wanted to speak the same language every day to people who “shared the passion” so I left university to work in a motorcycle shop for there was nothing else. 

After several years working in the industry my passion was undiminished and I took the opportunity to create the dream of sharing my passion with other motorcyclists. My vision was to create a store that people would love to go to where all involved could speak the same language without having to justify why. 

That was in May 1988. 

New friendships were created with the many people we dealt with and they asked us whether we could get this or that and of course we did. Our friends and customers drove the business, then just as they do now, we added different brands and different products to the goods we kept in store, and the more we added the more confidence our customers had that we could get or do what they wanted. 

We now can offer more than ever before with Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Can Am , Seadoo jet ski’s, and more with complete repair and maintenance facilities and all the latest personal and machinery accessories. Yet this story is far from over……… 

Our philosophy was created by the many customers we have, each of them either knowingly or unknowingly adding to the rich culture that is Bills Motorcycles today. We love what we do just as our customers love what they do when sharing the passion. 

Our staff are motorcyclists and jet ski user’s in fact they were our customers, they are the same, they joined the dream and speak the language. The dream continues driven by all whom come into contact with Bills Motorcycles; myself, and business partners Jason Larcombe, Craig Humby and Brett Tomkins, our staff serving their fellow motorcyclists, our suppliers providing new and exciting goods and of course our customers fuelling our passions with theirs. 

You the customer or the new member of our staff team are this story and it will only be limited by your imagination. 

Thank you to you all 

“ We Share Your Passion”



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